SOUGHT AFTER BLOOD LINES interviewing Eva Xanthopoulos

SABL coverSought After Blood Lines

It is with great joy that I present to you the new book by Eva Xanthopoulos and that I get to chat with her about her upcoming Fantasy Novel while she reveals exciting information about her magical story and her work as a writer. May you, too, be inspired.

Eva PoeteX

Eva, you are a poet and have already published a lot of poetry. Is this your first fantasy novel?

I did start writing a Fantasy Novel a while back, which is something I hope to complete within the next year or so. But “Sought After Blood Lines” is the first one that will be published.

What inspired you to write Sought After Blood Lines?

It’s funny you ask because I’ve asked myself that same question. Honestly, the idea just came to me randomly one day. It started out as a short story idea, but I soon realized it had novel-length potential. However, I could accredit this random bout of inspiration to one of my favorite TV shows (“Once Upon a Time”) that I was binge-watching at the time. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a show that adds a unique spin to fairytales both old and more recent. Imagine Snow White, King Midas, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin, Cruella de Vil, Pinocchio, Evil Queens, etc. all under one roof with entwining storylines…

Why fantasy fiction?

I love all-things fantastical, magickal, and mystical, so writing a book in this genre just comes naturally to me. Also, this material world can use some more magick in it! 😀

Do you think a writer chooses what to write or that the story chooses the writer?

A little bit of both. You choose it, and after you passionately immerse yourself in it long enough, it takes on a life of its own. I had a very specific outline before starting to write the actual novel, but before I knew it, new ideas flooded in and the plot took unexpected turns.

Are there any other writing genres you’re interested in exploring as well?

I’ve been passionate about mystical poetry and fantasy for as long as I can remember. These past two years, I’ve been also delving in the Self-Help/Inspirational genre. Paranormal Romance seems interesting. I’d also like to write a Philosophical book someday.

Which writers have influenced you the most?

Paulo Coelho, Edgar Allan Poe, Rumi, E.E. Cummings, Pam Grout, local poets, fellow writers here on WordPress, and so many more.

You’re Greek-American. Do you do any writing in Greek?

I have translated some of my English poems into Greek. A few are even included on my art and poetry blog: And when I don’t write in Greek, I still get a lot of my inspiration from Greek Tradition, Mythology, the language itself, etc. In fact, two of the Kingdoms and some other elements in SABL are derived from Greek. The Kingdom of Hrissa (Hrissa means “gold”), The Kingdom of Asimi (silver), a magickal bird named Astro (star), and more.

Sought After Blood Lines

Tell us a little about your book.

This is tough. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’ll keep it simple: There’s a seventeen year old girl named Vyvianna (with a peculiar secret, that if exposed could cause her to be tortured endlessly) and she lives under the rule of a king (tyrant more like) named Zollamedes. He has banned the use of magick and there’s an enchantment keeping everyone ignorant and stuck in Eternicca. This king is also a hypocrite, for he only allows the use of magick if it suits his own selfish needs. Eternicca is located in Etherique Realm and the realm itself is divided. It wasn’t always this way, however. Once magick entered the realm 200 years ago, it has been cursed with the ill of separation, for not everyone agrees with its use.

Luckily, not all is lost. People and creatures come along the way to help, including her friend (or maybe more than just a friend) Leonelle, a mysterious yellow butterfly, and an elder dragon named Elebore who speaks in riddles most of the time, so how much help is he really?

You can read the book blurb here:

Magick seems to play an important role in your novel.

Yes, but that’s only because the bulk of the story takes place in 200 A.S. (After Sorcery). Something or someone granted magick to the entire realm 200 years ago. Some magick you’ll be sure to come across: Mind Reading, Unconventional Shape Shifting, Telekinesis, Invisibility, a multitude of unique Spells, and more.

What can you reveal to us about the characters?

Alas, not too much. Especially not the Protagonist, Vyvianna (meaning “life” in Latin). I already mentioned she has a secret that poses a threat to her wellbeing… And according to most of Eternicca, she has a heart of gold (one of the reasons is because she takes care of the orphans of the town—but just like the title, there’s more to it). However, Vyvianna goes through A LOT of trials and has many chances to lose that golden heart (and more) to the darkness.

Sought After Blood Lines is a very intriguing title.

I actually titled the book something entirely different initially (which I cannot share with anyone), but one of my editors said it gave too much away, and she was absolutely right—it was one big spoiler. So, I opted for something a bit more cryptic. Let’s just say there are multiple meanings behind the title. And within the book cover lies a clue.

When is the book coming out and where will it be available?

This holiday season (sometime in December). There isn’t an exact date, but you can stay up to date by following the SABL blog.  It will be available on Amazon in paperback and ebook/kindle versions. I’m currently doing a giveaway and will pick someone at random to receive a FREE signed paperback copy once it gets released. Enter by tweeting me at @EvaPoeteX with the hashtag #EvaPoetexBookGiveaway or just comment on this post.

Finally, a couple of questions for aspiring writers. What advice would you give them?

Three words: Never stop writing. The more you write, the better you get. Just like the more you use a certain muscle, the stronger it gets. Do not let you talent atrophy, but don’t force yourself to write either. Find a balance. When I made myself write a poem a day for two years straight, I ended up burning myself out quite a bit. While that helped me become the writer I am today, I made writing more like a chore/responsibility, when it should be a passion.

What is your writing process? Do you have a particular ritual or a favorite place to write?

For my Fantasy novel, I put on Fantasy music to set the mood. The incredible tracks by the talented Composer Adrian von Ziegler have been playing on repeat. I typically write in my dining room, by a large window. Outdoor writing is also highly inspiring. Nature is the ultimate muse!

Thank you so much Eva for this interview and for sharing with us your work and the Sought After Blood Lines secrets. You are a very inspiring writer and artist, and I’m honored to have interviewed you for alindar. I wish you all the best with your book and I look forward to reading it.

Melina, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for interviewing me and featuring me on your beautiful blog. You have a heart of gold and I cannot thank you enough! 🙂 Να είσαι καλά!

Headshot - Eva X.Eva Xanthopoulos (pen-name Eva PoeteX) is a Greco-American Writer, Artist, and Life Coach. She received her B.A. in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University. Many of her works are featured in publications such as The Golden Lantern, Mystic Living Today, Women’s Spiritual Poetry, The Journey Magazine, and more. Her most recent poetry book is entitled, “Esoterra.” Eva is the Founder of Poehemian Press and the Co-Creator of Etheric Archives. When she’s not writing or creating, she loves to read her weight in books, go on epic adventures with her bike, and drink rooibos chai tea.

For more information on Eva Xanthopoulos and her work:

* “Sought After Blood Lines” Blog –
* My Poetry & Art Website/Blog –
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* Amazon Author Page –

Image credit: All images courtesy of Eva Xanthopoulos.


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