todo camino nos transforma – every journey transforms us

Every journey transforms us, thought Malinalli after a long journey with Hernán Cortés across Central America.

In Laura Esquivel’s Malinche, Malinalli, known through history as Malinche, is the indigenous woman that accompanied and assisted Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador, as he was taking over the New World. An intriguing historical novel written by Esquivel in her unique, magical way.

The journey of Malinche.alindar todo camino nos transforma

A journey in the world of western history and of indigenous mythology. Of the history of Mexico, of the Aztec empire and of the New World.

Of the dreams and fears of people who changed the course of history and affected the lives of so many.

A journey in the spiritual world and the cultural beliefs of the indigenous people of Central America and their meeting with the religious beliefs of the Spanish.

The meeting of the two cultures, the Hispanic and the indigenous.

The meeting of the two languages, Spanish and Nahuatl.

Love stories that go beyond cultural limits and embrace cultural differences, resulting in the hybrid culture of the New World.


Every journey transforms us.

Be it a journey inward to meet oneself, a journey through a good book, or a physical journey to a new land.

New experiences, new people, new places. A journey changes us. We leave behind what’s known and old; the part where old beliefs had us stuck to an old way of thinking and of perceiving life and the world; the old convictions we were so firmly holding on to.

The journey gives us a new outlook on life, new thoughts, new ideas.

New ideas that are now “our own” by conscious choice, contrary to the old ones that we once picked up without any questions. New thoughts and impulses which make an appearance as a result of our new state of being.

Now we get to choose. We are presented with new possibilities of thought and action. Possibilities we were not aware of before. As thinking adults, we weigh the pros and the cons, the validity of the new beliefs, and we keep the ones that seem true and that serve us at this point of our journey.

Enjoy the journey.


by Melina Stefanidou

alindar - todo camino nos transforma




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