summertime in Greece

alindar - summer in Greece

Sheer beauty!
Greek summer is heaven on earth!
The sight of the sea and the sound of the waves!
The immensity of nature!

alindar - beach in Greece
As long as I can remember myself, I would get lost in the endless blue.
I would get inspired.
Ideas for the upcoming year, plans for the future, dreams for travel, along with the desire and eagerness to realize them.

It’s still the same. Pure inspiration. Even on a windy day.

alindar - windy day

alindar - beach

Today the sea is calm. There is just a light breeze.
Paradisiacal waters. Their colors changing from emerald green to turquoise and numerous other shades of blue.
The sound of the water relaxes my entire being; the waves lightly breaking on the shore.
The smell of sea water, mixed with coconut sun lotion and a distant scent of watermelon.
The taste of salty water.
The hot sun caressing me.
Pleasure to all five senses.

Ahead of me, the endless, blue horizon.
If paradise exists, it must feel like this.

alindar - sand beach in Greece

I immerse myself in crystal clear waters under the bright July sun. Nature embraces me.
The rest of the world with all its noise is left far away. At this moment nothing matters.
My body relaxes, my mind calms down, my breathing and heartbeat are back to normal.
I become one with the sea. One with nature. One with all of creation.

I feel freedom washing all over me.Utter freedom.
I realize then, freedom is first and foremost a state of mind.

alindar - sunset on the beach

Wishing you all a beautiful summer!

by Melina Stefanidou

all photos were taken in Chalkidiki, Greece








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