la primavera la sangre altera

painting by Athena Douzi

La primavera la sangre altera… says my Spanish friend

or, in other words…
spring is in the air, it heats our blood, it wakes us up after a long winter and brings out emotions, desires and ideas well hidden deep in our soul.

As the weather changes, the sun comes out, the temperature rises, nature blooms … so do we.

It’s a time of rebirth.

All sorts of desires come flooding out of us.
Desire to travel and explore the world.
Desire to experience new things.
Desire to challenge life.
Desire to fall in love.
Desire to live.
Desire to be creative.
Desire to be who we truly are.

Follow your bliss, said Joseph Campbell. Yet, often, we can’t find where our bliss lies.
It seems we’ve been trained to look for happiness someplace far away in the future. In those few superb occasions of utter grandeur, that come along just a few times in a lifetime. Those of ‘great success’. But, then, what happens with all the life we live in between these moments?

A new perspective on life is what we need. Happiness comes from within. When we look inside ourselves, bit by bit, we figure it out. And, then, we find happiness and joy in the most simple and yet more profound and real moments of everyday life.

In a lovely night out with a good friend, sitting by the water, listening to beautiful music and having a fun conversation.

In a walk in nature, enjoying the variety of plants, of colors and of nature’s scents. Reconnecting with who we really are.

In making optimistic plans for the future, with friends, over lunch.

Such a wonderful time to be alive. To look for happy moments.
To make every day count.

If not now, then when?



by Melina Stefanidou

Featured image: painting by Athena Douzi






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