today we celebrate life


Easter Sunday.

The first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox.

A lovely, sunny and warm day, after a long, cold winter.

A beautiful day spent in nature with friends and family, with good food, fine wine and delicious pastries.

Life. Today we celebrate life.

The life we live and the friends and family we share it with.

The sun that gives life to all.
The beauty of the nature around us; the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees.
All nature is celebrating life today.

Springtime. A time for rebirth. A time for starting over.

It’s so wonderful that so many people are finding the courage to start over.
Leaving behind what no longer serves us. Discarding what belongs to the past.
Taking a fresh look at life with hope, faith and optimism.
Daring to dare. Daring to try. Daring to believe in something better. In something real.

To follow our dreams. To start a new life. To let the sun shine again.
To hear our hearts sing and to live our lives to the tune of our own song.

Thanks to all for the inspiration!
Happy Easter! Happy spring! Happy new beginnings!



by Melina Stefanidou



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