first things first

…. on April 1st

“Do what makes you happy”owl pic

I know. I know what you’re thinking; it sounds so true and so sweet to be able to live our lives this way. Doing what makes us happy. Sure!

But how many of us actually do it?

No, you’ll say. It’s one thing to agree with it and quite another to apply it. You can’t really live your life like this. It’s not possible. It just doesn’t work that way.

Well, I happen to think it can work. It’s just that not that many of us dare to try. Sadly, most of us don’t even know that we are not doing it. We are convinced from an early age on that we are not supposed to do what we want. We are not supposed to expect things to work out for us. If no one else (that we know of) has achieved it, then how in the world are we going to? Case closed. It can’t be done.

So we go on and live other people’s lives – our parents’, our spouses’, our friends’. We are unhappy and unfulfilled. At some point we might start wondering what is wrong. But who can answer, when most people around us are doing exactly the same?

But it can be done. We only need to try. Starting with the conviction that we can make it happen. That it is possible. Giving ourselves the chance to believe that we can be who we really are. That we can listen to and follow what is at the core of our being. That we can do what makes us happy. That we can be at peace with ourselves. No matter what anyone else thinks.

It takes perseverance. Things don’t change magically overnight. And it takes some work. Work in our mind and work in changing our everyday life.

Taking small steps is the secret. One small thing at a time. One idea. One attempt.

Soon, a second idea comes. And then a third.

And we are doing the things that make us happy.

And we are spending time with people we like, who make us smile and bring joy to our life.

And we laugh.

And we love.

First ourselves and then others.

And life is beautiful again.
Do what makes you happy!
Be with who makes you smile!
Laugh as often as you breathe!
Love as long as you live!



by Melina Stefanidou









5 thoughts on “first things first

  1. “Do what makes you happy”. This is the only way to live our lives. And our only obligation. The first step is to love and respect yourself and listen to what is telling you. Before it starts screaming!
    Nice thoughts! Keep on writing!


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